Friday, 24 May 2013

this is awesome..!

Once husband and wife were playing golf and the ball went
inside the house, so they went inside the house and saw a man
and a broken bottle,
husband: who are you?
jinni: I'm a jinni who was trapped in this bottle for 1000 yrs,
and you freed me, so i will give you one wish each and keep
one wish for me, so what do you want.
husband: make me a billionaire.
wife: I want house in every country in the world.
jinni: now my turn, you see there's been 1000 yrs since i had
slept with some lady so i want to have sex with your wife.
husband: since you made me a billionaire okay, you can sleep
with her.
After 2hrs,
jinne to wife: what is your husbands age?
wife: 35 yrs
jinni: really! and he still believes in jinni story's...x

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