Tuesday, 14 May 2013

20 Unknown facts about Facebook Founder Mark Zucerkberg

Mark Zuckerberg Facts:
1] Facebook’s main color is bluebecause Mark Zuckerberg is colorblind. The color that he can see the best is blue.

2] His has dog name Beast, and he has his own Facebook page.

3] He is known as ‘Zuck’ by his friends while his mother calls him Princely.

4] He promised and wore a tie everyday for a whole year.

5] He learned Chinese in 2010 so that he could talk to his girlfriends family members whowere Chinese.

6] He said that the only accurate thing in the Facebook movie ‘The Social Network’ was the dress worn by the character who played his role.
He added that every single T-shirt that was correct.

7] Mark wore a hoodie and jeans in a meeting with investors on Wall Street.
Photo via Intowire.

8] Mark Zuckerberg met his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan in line for the bathroom at a Harvard party in 2003.

9] He designed his wife’s wedding ring.

10] The guest didn’t know that they were on a weeding untill it was announced.
Priscilla had just graduated and they thought the party was for her graduation.

11] Mark Zuckerberg is the most followed (circled) person in Google Plus.

12] He even has a Twitter account with an amazing username,@finkd.

13] He rejected a $1 billion dollar offer from Yahoo to buy Facebook.

14] Mark had a business card which read “I’m CEO Bitch”.

15] Some of his favourite musical artist are Green Day, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, and Shakira.

16] His T-shirt has the Facebookfriend request, Message, and notification logo. Notice the 3 things in his T-shirt?

17] His Facebook profile CANNOT be BLOCKED.

18] He used to work sitting like normal employee before.

19] He rarely wears a suit.

20] He wears the same trademark hoodie and jeans to work ‘everyday’.

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